Gradual Alarm Clock

Wake up gently

Waking gradually means no more snoozing, no more losing!

Buy it for a mere $1.99 in the Android Play Store:

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The most gentle way to wake to an alarm! GAC will sound once at 30 minutes before your alarm, twice at 15 minutes, and three times at 5 minutes. At the alarm’s set time, GAC will sound and repeat until dismissed. Waking gradually ensures that you're really ready to get up by the time your alarm goes off. No more snoozing!

Privacy Policy

DLE does not collection any of your information via Gradual Alarm Clock. We know you downloaded it because Google Play tells us, but otherwise there's no data transmitted back to us once you've installed the app.

We do not share individual user data (in this case, your Google Play contact info) with third parties under any circumstances.

Gradual Alarm Clock will never contain ads.

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